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Presentacion: 450ml

Información: Agua fresca con fibra y probióticos es un agua fresca con infusión de frutas naturales menor a las 70 calorias por envase la cual tiene diferentes beneficios:

-Endulzado con miel de Agave
-Bebida funcional
-Contiene Probióticos y prebióticos
-Protege la flora intestinal

Que hay dentro de cada agua fresca con fibra y probióticos :

Vital Joy

Net.Wt: 20.28 oz

Information: Solem Juices besides having 100% natural pulp in each sip, being a fresh and delicious drink is one of our products that has not artificial sugar addeds. Besides to contain all of these features Solem juices can be characterized for been products:

• 100% Natural product
• Mexican product
• No artificial sugars
• Vitamins and minerals in each bottle
• Contains carotenes


Net.Wt: 15.21 oz

Information:  Agua fresca with fiber and probiotics is a fresh water with infuse of natural fruits, less than 70 calories by package, that some of the benefits are:

• Sweetened with agave honey
• Functional drink
• Drink with probiotics and prebiotics
• It protects your intestinal flora

Inside of each agua fresca with fiber and probiotics it has:
Fiber + probiotics + watermelon pulp + agave honey